City Beautiful

Walking Series

Designed to feel like you're on a stroll through the neighborhood and pop into a few local spots for a quick bite to eat.

By 1900, Chicago was widely known as a "hideous...piteous, floundering monster." It was believed that a terrible living environment brought out the worst in people, while a beautiful city would function more effectively and bring out the best in people. Chicago began the "City Beautiful" movement and devised a plan to beautify the city. This plan is still alive in Chicago, and no where is this most evident than in the neighborhoods.


Logan Square


A long time Latinx neighborhood, Logan Square is a thriving, family-friendly community of artists, musicians, and some of the best restaurants in Chicago. Enjoy a comfortable stroll along the leafy streets, lined with historic mansions and quaint bungalows. The diverse residents of this neighborhood have contributed trendy cocktail bars, Michelin-rated hot spots, and a year round farmers market huddled around beautiful, tree-lined boulevards. Breath in the beauty of Logan Square while enjoying a progressing 3-course meal in this northwest community.

Supporting the Community!

When you book a City Beautiful food tour, you also support the Chicago Parks Foundation, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to build a stronger community dedicated to supporting and conserving our city’s parks, as well as a not-for-profit that serves the neighborhood you visit. Choose a neighborhood tour to learn more!