City Beautiful

Walking Series

At the turn of the 20th Century, Chicago was headlong into a re-branding initiative to transform the city from a "hideous...piteous, floundering monster" into a grand urban environment that expressed the values of civilization and order. Chicago suffered from being a place where too many people came to work and invest rather than to live, and this showed in the city they'd built. Not only was it believed that a terrible living environment brought out the worst in people, but conversely, a beautiful city would function more effectively and elicit the best in people; thus urban planning (and the Plan of Chicago) was born. This "City Beautiful" movement was fathered by city architect, Daniel H. Burnham.

Though one of the larger cities in the United States, Chicago was, and is, designed to be a modern, walking city. This multi-centered plan gave us more than 200 vibrant neighborhoods with their own history, culture, and even "downtown," and creates a sense of community within each area. Our City Beautiful City Series takes you on an in-depth exploration of the different stories, food and sights that make each neighborhood unique, while still being uniquely Chicago. Let a stroll though City Beautiful pacify those baser instincts as we meet new neighbors and revel in the joie de vivre that is "Paris on the Prairie."

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Black Metropolis

Historically known as Chicago's Black Metropolis, Bronzeville remains the city's hub of African-American arts, food, and culture. Packed with an array of coffee shops, bistros, galleries, libraries, monuments, and restaurants, this city within the city was once home to such greats as Louis Armstrong, Gwendolyn Brooks, Nat King Cole, and Ida B. Wells. Join us on a stroll packed full of incredible stories, amazing music, and delicious food as we make our way through this black cultural mecca.

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En el Barrio

Located on the city's lower west side, the heart of Chicago, Pilsen was a first stop for many of the city's immigrant communities; each left their mark on the neighborhood. Now rich with Mexican culture, the neighborhood overflows with music, art, and culinary tradition. Join us for a storied stroll along Pilsen's vibrant 18th Street Corridor as we take in the many sights, sounds, and eats en el barrio!