Family Meal

Good Memories. Great Food.

A dinner club that gives you an intimate look inside Chicago's restaurant scene; showcasing the diverse foods and cultures of our many neighborhoods.

Family Meal is a popular tradition of the restaurant industry.

It gives the staff a chance to take a break and have a meal, but it's more than just a quick bite before service. It's about enjoying a meal together like family, where people can unwind, joke, laugh, and, most importantly, eat delicious food. It's a communal meal to learn about the menu and enjoy each other's company. We at Tour Chicago firmly believe that everyone wants in on something like this. We all want connection, but most of us are just waiting to be invited.

"We all want connection, but most of us are just waiting to be invited."


Once a month, we curate a progressive dining experience for 12 guests at one of Chicago's many fine restaurants. The meal starts with appetizers and drinks then moves along multiple courses towards an entrée and then dessert. From hidden gems, to local favorites, restaurant partners are selected for their quality & story, to showcase the best of each neighborhood. Guests not only connect with the food, but the people behind the food.

  • Chat with chefs, restaurant owners, and culinary experts.

  • Enjoy unique food and alcohol pairings.

  • Take home a special gift to remember the evening.

  • See, smell, and taste what shapes each neighborhood, from food, people, and cultures.

All dinners can cater to vegetarian diets (and other needs upon advance request; see our FAQs) and are perfectly suitable for solo diners as well as romantic dates. Menus are prix fixe and average $125 per person.


Family Meal is a social dining experience where the goal is to deepen human connections through food while learning something new about the city. Explore your own backyard with curious eyes, and turn strangers into new friends.

Invitations with event details are sent monthly via email only to those on The List.


Do you honor food allergies and dietary restrictions?

Yes! All dinner parties honor these common food allergies: dairy, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, wheat and the following dietary preferences: vegetarian.

If you have a serious food allergy (potentially life-threatening) please contact us directly at the time of booking to make us aware. Though we may not be able to offer substitutions, we take your health and safety very seriously and will inform you of items you should skip or dinners that offer fuller experiences with minimal risk.

How much food is served?

Dinner parties offer enough food that most participants are more than satisfied at the end of the meal. Keep in mind, each dinner includes an item to take home for later, on top of any leftovers you couldn't finish! Tomorrow's work lunch :) .

Are children allowed?

We have a minimum age of 21 years old for all guests. Please keep this in mind when considering attending a dinner party.

What if I don't drink?

The drink package for my parties is an add-on and is not included in the price of the evening. The evenings are perfectly curated to be enjoyed with or without a drink pairing.