Tour Chicago

Tour Chicago offers personal food tour experiences that are more fun, more local, and cover more of the city that we know and love.

Great food is just the beginning!

Tourism is changing, people expect a deeper experience and want to connect with a destination. On top of that, as time goes on, our city changes; neighborhoods start to blend as family-run businesses and iconic places start to disappear. With them, we lose the stories, recipes, and soul that makes those places unique. Local businesses are the heartbeat of any neighborhood, so we make sure to support the multi-generational, family run businesses that make our city unique. A Tour Chicago experience is a deep dive into Chicago’s vibrant food culture, and a way to support the city’s local shops and restaurants.


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Reclaim your summer with a Dibs Card!

We're excited and ready to start hosting some safe, and fun summer bike tours through the tasty streets of Chicago! Whether you bike all the time or want a comfortable introduction to city cycling, we've got an amazing line-up of adventures planned before the summer's out. Your Dibs Card is refillable, and let's you save a spot without having to commit to a day just yet, while helping us and our local partners get ready for your arrival. Shovel your way out of 2020 and get ready for a memorably fun time!

2020 City Series

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A Tour Chicago experience is the perfect gift for the adventurer in your life. Leave an impression and Gift Chicago!